Why Eagle? The story behind the Best Design Asset Management Tools

Angel Wang・2022-03-24

Have you all been wondering what is Eagle App? Why is it the most popular design asset management tool? There are full of curious questions on the internet but we rarely hear any stories or the people who make them!

Today, we’ll dig deeper into Eagle, explore the story behind Eagle, from where the ideas come from to why is it so special? What does it offer? and most importantly where is it going?

I believe this article has all your answers! The following introduction will cover:

  • Introduction: What is Eagle App?
  • Explore the story behind Eagle
  • What differentiates Eagle from others?
  • Why you should use Eagle?

First, let’s get the basics out of the way

Image from: Eagle App

Image from: Eagle App

What is Eagle App?

Eagle is a powerful desktop design assets management tool. It focuses on 4 major designers' daily workflow, collecting, organizing, searching, and browsing, and has developed a series of efficient and intuitive functions that can help you achieve organizational simplicity. Just like building your second designer brain!

Who is Eagle App for?

Eagle is for anyone who has a huge collection of different files and wants to have their files visually and neatly organized to solve file management problems.

It is especially helpful for visual professionals such as designers and artists, to enhance their daily design experience through our robust features!

Explore the story behind Eagle: Why Eagle?

Before Eagle, there were only struggles and intimidation towards organization of files.

Image from: Eagle App- UI Design Library

Image from: Eagle App- UI Design Library

"I believe in efficiency and it has always been inside my blood." said the Eagle Founder.

“Before creating Eagle I was an engineer, as I learn more about coding the planning of user interfaces became my interest, which is how to anticipate what users might need to do and ensuring interfaces has elements that are easy to access. Then soon, I switched my career to being a UI designer. This is when the love and hate relationship between icons, fonts, images and files have started. “

“I always have to juggle between design elements, reference materials, design files, folders, subfolders daily, Finder and Pinterest back then were my to-go tool for search and store design assets, as the workload got heavier I seek more automation and try to avoid manual and repetitive work. Both of them were good but not great for me, I needed something more.”

Therefore, I desperately needed some kind of image management tool to help me through my daily work. I tried software such as Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Bridge, Inboard, Ember, Pixa, Pixave…etc. but the solutions are not perfect. Some focus only on photos not design resources, some are in short of functions due to product positioning, and some speeds are just not up to standard for daily workflow.

There is no tool on the market currently that is genuinely good for managing images and design resources all at once. In the past few years, I even wrote countless product suggestion emails to their developers, but unfortunately, most of them have stopped maintenance and no email has been returned. So I decided to leverage my development and design skills to develop a product by myself. This is how Eagle is born.

Why do Designers, Artists and Visual professionals love Eagle?

Simply because we have been there! Eagle is made with heart and sweat because we feel the pain and disaster, especially designers, artists and visual professionals face while managing their digital assets. That is why we position Eagle as a design tool, however, even if you are not Eagle is here to solve most of your management needs as well!

With a professional designer's background ourselves, we thrives to make Eagle suitable in different design scenarios and good-looking as well. Hopefully, it can be one of the tools every designer uses daily.

After all, who doesn't love to have their problems solved beautifully and in the fewest clicks possible?

What differentiates Eagle from others?

Eagle is not just a design asset management tool for designers but the hub of your creative workflow

1. Organization is Made Simple, Flexible and Limitless

Eagle has only one goal which is to make every designer's daily repetitive work simple, flexible and limitless. Eagle is made of centralized management logic with a cross-reference structure that allows users not only to organize your files easier but also to link quickly between different parts of your materials, making your workflow significantly more functional and limitless just like your second brain.

Eagle can help you manage files, design assets and reference materials that:

  • You couldn’t find
  • You don’t know how to classify
  • You didn’t plan to organize
  • You don't remember you had collected or downloaded

2. On-Premise and Cloud-Friendly

Eagle is a local-based management software, this is because currently, there are 90% of designers work with desktops. There are many advantages to saving the materials with Eagle locally, such as fast response, dragging and straightening.

  • Complete control – Your data, hardware and software platforms are all yours. You decide on the Eagle configuration, the upgrades and system changes.
  • Uptime – You do not rely on internet connectivity or external factors to access Eagle that may slow down the process.
  • Lesser Cybersecurity - Storing company information wouldn't be a problem anymore, your data in Eagle is secure in case of network disclosure.
  • Total Cost of Ownership – Since you are only paying for your Eagle user licenses, an on-premise solution can have a lower Total Cost of Ownership than a cloud system.
  • Eagle Supports Cloud Sync- To work on multiple devices Eagle also provides cloud connectivity with most of the cloud sync services, such as: Dropbox, iCloud, One Drive, Google Drive. Since these are all well-known and used services, you also won't have to worry about extra learning costs or service fees.

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3. Delightful User Experience: Super Fast, Clean and Minimal

Eagle’s interface is clean, minimalistic, and pleasing to look at. We have made time-consuming action that was originally not available and many repetitive steps that the Window Explorer/ Mac Finder requires into only a few buttons possible! Such as

  • Instant previewing thousands of files content within 0.5 sec.
  • Supports classifying the same material file into multiple folders
  • Convert files into different resolutions and formats within Eagle
  • Drag and drop to download and organize online resources at the same time

We guarantee quick, intuitive, and exhaustive access to data and content, regardless of their formats or origin. With Eagle, you never have to memorize where your files are placed or which folder paths, just turn on Eagle and we will help you do the rest and most importantly we do it fast!

4. Affordable Price and Always Listening to User Feedback

Eagle has promised our users to enjoy organizing in the most intuitive and simplest way through our service, we keep close reviewing our user feedback to improve our product. Eagle’s development team tried our best to update our product monthly.

We provide a non-subscription plan with updates included, you can enjoy spending a reasonable price to have no limits to manage files, design assets and reference materials with Eagle. If you are a student or educator we also provide 30% off coupon for your first purchase!

Why you should use Eagle?

Eagle has many different types of features and functions, mainly around helping users to "collect, organize, search, browse" files more easily. Below we will list a few of Eagle's special functions, and the rest are waiting for you to discover!

Collection every image you like on the fly

Provide a variety of efficient collection methods with Eagle extension, to quickly collect the inspiration you see whenever you browse your favorite sites!

  • Powerful extension plugin to collect images on any websites

While collecting, Eagle will also help you keep the URL of the original download file, allowing you to go back to the source of inspiration at any time when needed! 

  • Capture full page screenshot or selected area

Image from Eagle - selected area

  • Batch download images, videos, gifs, SVG files

Image from Eagle - Batch download

  • Import all Pinterest pinboard images all at once

Image from Eagle - Collection

Organization is so simple even dummies can do it!

Eagle utilizes cross-reference structure, and automatically documents your file metadata, so you are able to easily manage different file formats, sizes, shapes, colors, dimensions, tags, rating and more to complete the task of image classification and organization.

  • Organize with tags, folders

Image from Eagle - Organize

  • Auto-tagging, rating, tag group, annotation
  • Visualized bookmark and preview video YouTube / Vimeo bookmark

Image from Eagle - Video bookmark

  • Excellent color management

Define colors for files, saved images and reference photos automatically to create a color palette. You can directly copy the color number to to find the corresponding color

  • Smart Folder

Allows you to assemble virtual folders of assets, no matter where they are located in the system or local network. It will automatically update when new files are added that meet preset criteria.

Image from Eagle - Smart Folder

  • Action

Streamline repetitive work like adding numerous files with the same tag, folder and rating all at once in Eagle with Action feature.

  • Batch rename files

Search is easier than before

You can find the files, design assets and reference materials without spending a lot of time. Do more on your design rather than getting lost in piles of files.

  • Keyword Search for tags, notes, and titles
  • Fuzzy Search
  • Reverse image search
  • Color Filter- Use color labels to sort and find your files.

Image from Eagle - Color Filter

  • Advanced filter (by color, rating, annotations, image formats..etc)
  • Notes on the video frame or reference images

Image from Eagle - Annotation

Browse all the files you never thought you gonna see again

Messy downloaded folder and desktop are out of date! With Eagle you can browse everything at once even in different modes!

  • Preview Mode

Image from Eagle - Preview Mode

  • Preview icon and fonts in different backgrounds or scenarios
  • Preview 3D formats and custom thumbnails
  • Sound effect preview: Able to control playback speed, view graphical presentation of audio waveform directly in Eagle.

Image from Eagle - Hover preview

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In summary, Eagle is next needed feature in your design toolbox

How do you like Eagle so far? What is your favorite feature about Eagle? Feel free to share with us how you manage your design assets and files with Eagle!

As a product, the interactive experience is the key to everything. Eagle is cool not just because it’s really easy for to use, but for what it brings to your clients as well. With the ease of editing, total control over your materials and near-limitless features, this means that you and your clients can save time and money and still get your creativeness!

Hope Eagle helps you learn to become a more confident designer, build trust with clients, increase efficiency, and eventually generate more business opportunities and create a wonderful design experience!

With the advancement of technology, we will continue to keep our faith and continue to optimize, and you are welcome to join our journey and share your thoughts with us. Hopefully, one day everyone finds your own Eagle in your daily toolbox! Why not get started and use Eagle to plan your mood board or tackle your next big project?

Get started with Eagle App today!

Still not convinced? then download the 30 days trial yourself to get the taste of it!

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